Embracing Trends & Cultural Changes

The consumer experience continues to change rapidly. It’s getting more digital, more mobile, and many more companies from around the world are trying to become part of these trends in order to deliver modern, relevant customer experiences.

The Big Challenge? Global Trends travel faster than ever! The question remains how a certain Trends travel? Answer: Though networks. Human, networks that share a common code or culture that cultivates a certain set of interests, beliefs, values and lifestyle. In our 4 Dimension Brand model we also call them Tribes.

With increased digitalization and globalization, networks exist cross boarders and national boundaries.

Tribes are global. They might be very niche and very small (ref. The Long Tail, By Chris Anderson) but with omnipresence of information and technology, Tribes are now able to share and exchange content – fast, and with more efficient reach than ever.

Tribal Interaction changes the perceptions of visual and spoken language within a network,thus it changes in the cultural ‘codes’, aspirations and activities over time. To a brand, these changes in ‘cultural perceptions’ introduces changes the aspiration and relevance of certain messages and of visual expressions within the Tribe and surrounding reference Tribes. Result: The Brand message, experiences and offerings that were relevant yesterday are outdated today. Naturally some ‘networks’ – or as we prefer to call them Tribes, have more accelerated cultures. Thus, the change in relevance of messages, experiences and offerings changes faster within in these. But it is a fact that: in order for a brand to stay relevant and trustworthy it must change as well, how and what to change will then be the challenge…

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