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Social Media changes everything. Social Media forces Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and R&D to take part in delivering the Brand Experience, and shared Brand Engagement becomes a way of doing business.

As the impact of social media spreads through organizations, questions arise about what role that social media ultimately plays in customer service and overall customer experiences. The reality is that social media is the new normal. The question is what are you going to do about it?

1)    Connect with Social Media to engage?

A generation or two ago, people went to the town square and the town cafés to meet friends and share gossip. Now social media (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, YouTube, Google+. Linked In etc.) are places where friends meet and share their thoughts. So your best social media programs also convert the consumer’s social time into a brand experience.

2)    Use Social Media to deliver better services?

It’s a fact that a myriad of social networks, whether you use them or not, are now part of the day-to-day digital lifestyle, and they are the places where your brands customers connect, communicate, and engage around experiences. Every day, an increasing number of connected consumers are talking through social networks to ask for help or express sentiment related to business or product related experiences; some do so to seek resolution from their peers, others broadcast questions or comments as a form of catharsis; and a smaller group of consumers actually hope to receive a response directly from the company they are talking about …

3)    Use Social Media to take part?

One of the key challenges in the social business/conversation world, is how companies honestly become customer-oriented? In the age of social networking, relevant engagement counts for everything. But, unlike the traditional Web, social media is a very emotional landscape where people are at the center of their own ego-system. You must design an experience that captivates the mind or feeds likely emotions to affect desirable behavior in a given context. The digital media guru; Brian Solis refers to the concept of social architecture as the A.R.T. of Engagement where actions, reactions, and transactions become the fabric of holistic and connected experiences. It’s not as easy as deploying campaigns and landing pages. The click path, the outcomes, and the stated value must be optimized, efficient and worthy of sharing. This is where social science, customer journey mapping and in particular, psychology comes in.

4)    Get Social Media involved now!

Your stakeholders will always talk, with or without you. The questions you have to answer are, “what do you want people to say and what do you want them to do?”.  And it might be better to have ‘them’ talking with you listening in?

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