As discussed in other sections of this website, brand experiences are what ultimately sells your products and services. The experience provider that comes closest in delivering your brand is it’s packaging – or in connection with services it’s the staging of the Brand Experience.

Your packaging is as much a part of the experience as what is on the inside

A good package makes friends. And sales. It creates impact, meaning, immediacy, and delight-long before it’s opened and long after. The challenge is turning a product wrapping or package from being a functional container into an exciting, engaging, and enduring brand expression that people want to bring into their lives. Properly executed, product packaging has the ability to connect with people, driving preference and bottom-line growth.

The fact is that no matter how much is spent on advertising, packaging is usually the first glimpse customers have of your brand, and after purchase, the most frequent reminder.

The newest challenge in brand packaging?

… It’s delivering your brands CSR position and Dream Dimension wrapped along with your product. As discussed under the CSR-section, ‘cradle to cradle’ principles are being introduced in production and design. In packaging, eco-friendly innovation makes it possible to deliver luxury packaging experiences as well as complying with sustainability principles.

Let’s discuss how we can help your brand and business adopt new approaches to green branding, ecofriendly design, fair trade practices, and sustainable packaging

Photos:   (packaging shown are examples and are not designed by Dreambuilders, The Consultancy)

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